Some of us have been trying to figure out how to put an end to the worst forms of abuse around the planet for most of our lives, many people are victim to these problems and unfortunately too many people around the world just want to act like that is acceptable. Some of the worst people on this planet seem to think if someone is abused enough times, if enough people consider it more natural for someone to have to play along for someone or if a child results from abuse then those victim to that should have to play along for their abuser(s) for the rest of their lives. Some people even have the audacity to say that is peaceful, many of us disagree with that and think the only way to achieve peace there is to put an end to people playing along for abusers. Those trying to fight these wars are often forced to interact with the very people causing those problems and made to play along with being stupid under threats against the people who are forced to play along in much more heinous ways.

One of the biggest wars there in modern history has been with pirates versus other parts of society, including but certainly not limited to piracy of various forms of media such as (hollywood) movies and shows, textbooks, academic research, and various other traditionally legitimate forms of media. As with every other aspect of society, piracy has certainly not been void of any dark horrors itself, though many people including myself argue that those of us not causing those horrors and helping expose them to other people who will genuinely help fight these wars helps to prepare people for fighting some of the even worse horrors on this planet. A lot of what people see and are told front of house about these things are wildly different to what is going on behind the scenes.

As an example a number of earlier peer-to-peer filesharing networks that first expanded upon sharing music were riddled with all sorts of incorrectly named files, even hollywood films and in the days of dial up internet, though much much worse for example videos of rape, child sexual exploitation material, some of it also incorrectly named, others found from searching terms which are quite common from people just entering the legal age of sexually explicit material (one of the problems we unfortunately often condone while trying to fight much much worse problems around the planet). Unfortunately people who attempted to report these problems often found not only were they convicted as if they were criminals, often not knowing the courts were forced to do this under threats, but worse still, people who are treated as authority figures in different communities often lied about saying who was exposing these problems, finding evidence, witnessing etc., but also then using that to make people play along for them in all sorts of completely unacceptable ways. Other problems included but were not limited to people committing some of the more heinous acts doing so under threats against their and other innocent people's safety just to help cause problems society considered worse than them making their victims play along for them, often setting these problems up so that they could act like they were the ones to save the day and pretend they should be respected by society rather than treated like the heinous people they are (not only making people play along for them, but also making victims out of everyone else prisoner to their heinous tactics). Some of the worst offenders here are people who are meant to be onside with putting an end to these wars because they are not happy with the people genuinely interested in them so instead hold other people back under threats, make people play along for them under threats, and allow an unimaginable number of other problems around the planet to occur just to help cover up their own heinous behaviour, often making people do some of the more unthinkable things using all sorts of genuinely heinous tactics. There are people who are helping with these problems at all levels of most communities, both those who people are encouraged to trust like psychs, medical doctors, hospitals, government, academia, legal systems, courts, research etc., along with those who people are encouraged not to trust like psychs, criminals, rebels, pirates and people who are made to do things to make them look bad using all sorts of nasty tactics by the people who are choosing and getting away with causing all of these heinous horrors on this planet. It is a much better idea to figure out which people from each group are actually onside and offside with the non-rapists rather than caring which community people are from.

Even years following the supposed shutdown of one such peer-to-peer filesharing network Limewire, back around 2019, a number of seemingly independent articles and comments on what used to be somewhat of a discussion website Reddit were all suggesting it had been shut down years ago. I opened up a virtual machine install of Windows that I use for the development of a website generator I make and googled for Limewire installers, it is not very difficult to find one through google, and many other peer-to-peer filesharing network installers still seem to be available on some software platforms. I installed it and opened it up, the filesharing claimed to be disabled however there was a chat tab with active chat rooms. A number of the rooms on there had all sorts of gruesome avatars being used and the discussion got very personal when I tried to do my job properly to be just one person trying to see whether anyone on there was able to enable the filesharing or whether people were still sharing around some really bad material with each other. I had little choice but to report this in several places, the result was being held against my will in a mental hospital and further drugged against my will for 6-9 months in ways which caused all sorts of problems with my producivity for fighting these wars. While I was treated far worse in many other ways, that alone is considered inhumane and mental torture by the United Nations. Unfortunately the UN does not sanction the countries with the worst horrors on this planet, some of us think that is a combination of things like people forgetting they cannot bear to learn enough about the actual truth to ensure their views behind the scenes in the right places are not offside with the people stuck playing along for abusers, genuine incompetence, all sorts of heinous tactics used against the people victim to these horrors, so on and so forth. Many of our comrades around the globe have had to suffer under sanctions just for trying to help fight and expose these horrors.

Following on from the peer-to-peer filesharing networks, which you may be able to find information about in the news for online search engines, was BitTorrent. All sorts of public and private BitTorrent websites/trackers were created and most seemed to be focused primarily on the more acceptable forms of piracy including but not limited to (hollywood) movies and shows. While there are a number of pros and cons from a moral perspective with these forms of piracy, typically no matter what the situation is with the abuse wars quite a few people have traditionally/historically agreed, in my experience, that it probably makes the situation better rather than worse. That alone is a complicated topic where both sides still tend to try and make it work towards their desirable goals for the future of the planet.

Many of us were under very bad threats while this was being set up due to how the people victim to abuse were treated otherwise. However eventually in what was probably an attempt to make me look like an idiot I was allowed to enter the world of BitTorrent, mostly using the username/identity duckling (which I still use in some places with some minor modifications, though people should be weary of imposters even for those topics, it can and does lead to abuse when people do not fight those problems). This was shortly before ET was taken over by the US government (primarily from the RIAA and at the time MPAA, now just MPA).

Despite having to continue playing along with being an idiot and having to drink significant amounts of alcohol during that period so that people stuck playing along for people in other ways were treated better, I did manage to convince a number of people higher up within the piracy community at the time that people were being lied to, that there were massive threats and that was in part why the whole world was at the time being held hostage because of what was being done to people stuck playing along for abusers otherwise.

I was willing to work onside with the pirates to fight against abuse, however people either made it clear they do not want to do that or basically did not have the strength to do that. Instead a number of us did our best to try and get various people who are onside with leaving people in abusive situations to go to war with each other and despite not winning, it was still pretty glorious.

Some of those things included chatting with someone who brought down some 0second forums which also had a private ftp server running, it is quite possible that was not as dodgy as might be possible, but people were also trying to paint me out as one of the people who want these awful problems at the time so it was very dangerous for anyone to be associated with me in that regard.

One of the best ways I have ever found of getting people to acknowledge their own competence levels among pirate communities is to encourage people to become competent at knowing what they are and are not competent at, I think that is what leads a lot of us going in to pirate communities for genuine reasons as well. One of the fun ways this works with online piracy is how people make their avatars which can be a very very intricate topic depending on which level you want to explore it at, including lots of levels both front of house and behind the scenes. Some of the avatars and backgrounds etc. below were made by other people, while I impressed myself using other people's tools and pirating some images off Google image search to make some avatars for both myself and other people, not all questionable quality issues were unintentional.

With people who I did not really know, we started making a private torrent site ourselves called Silent Access which I put myself in as an administrator called Halt3r on using the rasta avatar below. One of the things discovered when working on silent access was a forum people could use to easily add stuff in to various private trackers using the TorrentBits source code most people were using. A lot of the backend code was already in there and just required minimal changes which was also worrying in that it could lead to all sorts of people being misled and that being used for abuse. I was already suggesting we shut Silent Access down because we did not have the strength to make sure it did not cause any abuse, however it also caused further problems with people wanting to lie and use that to try and make people play along for them. It did however get us quite a bit of information about where some people were getting various bits of code to modify their own private torrent sites. Many of those people I think had the genuine right intentions, but were also perhaps not thinking things through as much as possible with regards to potential ways abusers might exploit it, but were also rightfully scared of being hunted by the people who do not have a problem with people being stuck in abusive situations. Most people there are aware that even when the authorities are wrong, unfortunately if someone even resists incompetent and/or bad people blindly following the orders of other incompetent and/or bad people society has little choice but to join in with pretending they were a monster because of how badly people stuck hostage to abusers are treated otherwise.

People should keep in mind that many of us were stuck fighting these wars while being held prisoner under all sorts of tactics to try and make it look like we weren't and being forced to interact with people onside with these problems around the planet. Our behaviour when being forced to play along for other people is not representative of what we are like when the people we do care about are not stuck playing along for abusers and not when all sorts of nasty tactics are used to paint those of us fighting those wars out like we are part of the problem. This includes having to keep msn conversations open with some of these monsters in screenshots in an attempt to make it less likely for that evidence to disappear, or having to keep the files named incorrectly wherever evidence is stored. Zephyr for example was a moderator or admin on FeedThe.Net who claimed to be from Japan, I suspect the msn convo tab was more likely someone locally trying to either try to lie locally about that and/or try to make it look like I am a fraud. Many people have been stuck playing along for abusers on this planet and those who continue to sabotage the war efforts are considered the enemy onside with not putting an end to problems like rape, abuse, hurtcore etc..

I also convinced The Torrent Playground to take itself down once people agreed it was too easy for people to set up their own trackers for the wrong reasons, even those seemingly for not too bad reasons. Under threats they were brought back as Invite Only but we sorted that too, though that got a tad messy to say the least.

One of the things which made piracy thrive at the time was the severely limited access for people to the shows and movies being made at the time. Netflix did a surprisingly good job of shifting users away from piracy towards legal streaming services. However in recent times there has been an increasing number of streaming services with much more restrictive payment plans. It has been suggested in a number of places online that this could lead to a resurgence in consumer demand for piracy related media platforms. We also encourage people to be very weary of anyone who insists these problems only exist with piracy and other supposed illegal activities, refuse to discuss the pros and cons (eg. moral pitfalls) of activities traditionally considered as legal. Many of those people are onside with the actual abusers on this planet, those who think people should be stuck playing along for rapists if people think it's more natural, someone has been stuck playing along too many times, a kid results from rape, a kid rapes and adult and people act like it's the opposite etc., the horrors caused by those people are beyond heinous. Anyone who genuinely cares about things like gender, ethnicity, sexuality, hobbies, etc. etc. and sabotages the war efforts to end the suffering of anyone stuck playing along for other people on this planet are and should be treated as onside with the types of people who create hurtcore. Anyone who claims a kid is the victim if they make someone play along for them should also be treated as an enemy in these wars. We do not care how old people are, if they are onside with the abusers willingly or even want to be onside with them they are the enemy. Some people insist on giving people like that a chance, do not let them have any interaction with the people who were sexually abused to cause their conception, and the other people they're related to often just treat them as hostages which is not giving them a chance to actually recognise the heinous behaviour of their rapist parent and not be such a heinous person themselves. Again, if a kid forces an adult to play along for them the adult is not the rapist. People who cause problems for those who followed their threats without causing any major problems to the community will be treated like the enemy, especially if that contributes to further problems for the community.